Helene2October 14, 2003

Hi everyone! When the parsley goes to seed do you have to pull it out and start again? Can you stop it from going to seed? Helene

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Only pull it up once the seeds have dropped. With luck, you'll get a whole new patch of parsley plants in a few months. You can't really stop it from going to seed. It's a biennial, and goes to seed in its second season as a means of continuing itself through its babies. Once the seeds have been shed, it will die. That's the nature of the beast. You MAY be able to prolong it by removing the seed stem, but not for long, and why bother anyway? The flavour of parsley isn't near as nice when it's old, as when it's in its first season.

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If it's any consolation I'm in the same boat. No amount of slashing has stopped my continental parsley from forming seed heads. The branches leading to the heads do seem extra juicy, however, and they dice up really well in salads. My eight parsley plants out of 10 that are going to seed are less than one year old. But they've been very vigorous and productive.

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They say parsley is a biennial but for me it's more of an annual - the seeds head always form in the first year.

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My flatleafed / continental parsley (had 4 planted) got pulled up winter just pased. Would you believe that several million seedlings has since sprouted and after digging them up by the clumpfulls - have got 25 pots of parsley to give away and still have 3 healthy bushes left thriving in the bed. I'm beginning to think this is rather invasive/weedlike herb.

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Hmmm. Got seeds heads everywhere, not quite ready to drop. Perhaps I'll pull the parsely.

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Why not just eat it Grub and be 150% up with your daily iron requirements.
Be a man of steel like.


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Daz, I'm eating that parsely as quick as I can. I have even found the none-too-woody stalks, which are about a thin-pencil thickness, are delicous. I pick a stem that isn't hollow, peel back its tough outer skins, and reveal a long, succulent, parsley-flavoured stick something like bonsai celery. Great as a nibble. Especially for a grub. Haven't got to the roots. Yet. Or the seeds.

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Thanks everyone, Iwill just wait for the seeds and replant.

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