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Adult children- at wits end

2 months ago

Hey all, trying to make a long story short- i was in an abusive marriage with my adult childrens father for 20 years. (sexually, physically,emotionally,financially) you name it, he did it, he always had girlfriends, it was awful and i couldnt escape. after we finally split hed break into my house and rape me in the middle of the night (3 times). My son and daughter were manipulated against me and i never said a bad word about him, i really thought when they got older theyd see the truth. They grew up in this household, they know its all true. they are 30 and 24 now with children of their own, i guess they have forgiven him or it doesnt matter! one of the two. i could go on about so many things but what is really getting to me right now? Is the fact that they are holding my grandson's birthday party at at my exes house. which is fine, i decided id just do my own birthday thing with my grandchildren. but no!!! they expect me to attend and are disgusted i wont do this "for my grandchildren"! i cant go there, if i did i may as well just say everything he did to me was fine!! its not fine - im still not ok, and now my children arent speaking to me- this has happened more than once-im tempted to walk away-theyve been so manipulated they dont know right from wrong anymore ! my exes father (their grandfather) was just charged with molesting two of his granchildren, guess who my kids are mad at? their cousins for charging him

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