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Best garden ground cover?

2 months ago

My husband and I are semi-new gardeners and have loved spending more and more time out there with our young kids. We have a few raised bed gardens for herbs and veggies and a small cutting flower garden. The previous owner of the property had established plethora of bluebonnets and they often encroach on our plants which is totally fine with us, since we love them. We have not put a gravel ground cover on the garden because we don't want to loose any bluebonnets but the ants and weeds are getting more difficult to manage! Especially with our toddlers out there all the time, i'd love to find a way to "clean up" the ground without loosing our wildflowers. Any ideas? Attaching photos below of our garden so you can have an idea of what we are working with! As you can see the bluebonnets are mainly outside the fence but i do love that they spill over into the garden too.

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