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My GA Garden Spring 2024

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Six years after being bit by the rose bug after seeing Good as Gold at a local nursery, and 16 bushes later, not counting some ground cover Drifts too - here I am on a journey I can't reverse.

I am still fighting tree roots and heavy, beaten GA clay in the only flower bed I have with sun exposure, and I am growing most of them on my back deck in containers, but I am looking to expand to a new bed after a tree came out of there last fall.

These are some pictures from Spring 2024.

Olivia Rose Austin, South Africa, Plum Perfect, Good as Gold (column), Easy Does It and Ring of Fire (row).

Magic obsessions, Belinda's Dream, ORA at night, EDI, Plum Perfect and Good as Gold in bouquet.

Belinda's Dream

EDI, my best performer

EDI young

EDI aging gracefully


ORA and Climbing Pinkie (a beauty finally after 5 years of establishing itself, it "only" took this little)


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