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Is a wet room feasible here?

27 days ago

Our main floor bathroom is very cramped. It's one of only two bathrooms for the whole house, so I don't want to give up the shower stall. Wondering how feasible it would be to make this a wetroom. For practical reasons, not design-magazine reasons.

  • Having a curbless shower with a shower curtain (not glass) would make the toilet and shower both less cramped and more accessible.
  • This is our younger daughter's favorite bathroom. She has developmental disabilities and she makes a lot of water mess. Having a wet-room floor here would let us be a little more relaxed about mopping up the floods.
  • Our older family members sleep in an adjacent downstairs room when they visit. A wet room would make this crowded bathroom a bit more friendly for them.

Can the entire L-shaped floor be a wetroom floor? I know I would have to get the HVAC vent off the floor. Remodeling this space is a few years off. Just wondering if I should be daydreaming about a true wetroom, or whether I should be researching vinyl floors and Corian shower pans.

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