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Worms in hosta roots?


I'm not sure if these worms are hosta-specific, but this morning I was trying to move a large hosta and was teasing the roots out of the soil, and was grossed out to hit a pile of small white worms. About an inch long, thin, and way too many for my comfort - hundreds, probably. Sorry, no pics

Any idea what these might be? I tried googling and got cutworm larvae, vine weevil larvae, and so on so I'm not sure which if any of these they might be. Also, once identified, is there a control? For now I just scooped up as many as I could and got rid of them.

I wanted to move this darn hosta over ONE FOOT, because it's too close to another large hosta. It's taken me a week or more lol. First, a small rock turned out to be very large boulder, and I had to wait a week for help to remove. Then I was digging up and cutting through tree roots that were three inches in diameter (this hosta is in an existing garden near a huge tree we lost a few years ago). And then of course there are thousands of small roots everywhere, including wrapped around the said boulder, which made removal more difficult. And now bugs. All for a foot of real estate. Sigh. Okay sorry, none of you needed this last paragraph lol but it's one of those days where everything seems so difficult!

Thank you for any help with these little critters!



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