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For the tornado savvy....

Many years ago, we were driving home on the highway from an overnight a few states away. We were in a strange area when tornado warnings were issued. I had no idea what to do so I kept driving. Fortunately the highway emptied out and we were in a long construction zone which was one lane so there was no merging or exiting so we were able to proceed slowly, though the weather was frightful with wind, rain and hailstones. As it turned out, there were no reported tornadoes in that area, thank goodness. By the time we got closer to home, the tornadoes that did touch down there had passed, but we had to thread our way home through the damage.

But my question is, what should we have done? Should we have left the highway and parked somewhere? We had no idea where we were so no idea where to find storm shelter. And the weather had turned so bad, that even finding our way off the highway to an exit onto other roads would have been challenging.

What say ye? What is the recommended advice?

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