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Should I feed LOS in Rose-ICU?

As I mentioned elsewhere on this forum, a couple of my roses (Lady of Shallot and Savannah) fell prey to voles who munched their roots cut close to the nod. They left some on LOS but Savannah was cut right at the nod.

I was able to save LOS, but Savannah is most probably is gone as I first threw her away and let her in the woods for a few weeks (in the background in picture below).

However, LOS is coming back beautifully. She is nice and green with new and small growth, while working hard to regrow roots.

At this point, I just don't know whether I should feed it anything at all to encourage root growth or just leave her alone. If yes, what I should fertilize her with?

I don't want her to put energy into growing leaves and blooms, since the roots are the priority now.

She looks nice and healthy but is young (her first year).

I had just received her from DA and placed her in the ground when the creatures attacked her.

Here she is and thank you for any advice:

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