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Polished Nickel Framed Shower Enclosure

last month

I’ve been looking for this type of fully framed shower enclosure with no luck. We are building a house and need two of these. In my area (TN), even up to a two hour radius, no one offers polished nickel for a framed shower. It’s always brushed nickel. I’ve found some beautiful enclosures from a company in California and New Jersey that look like what I want. I called them up but obviously we are too far. They are solid brass finished with polished nickel (I guess?). I was hoping someone on Houzz could point me in the right direction. I’ve looked everywhere. No one sells the look I’m wanting and every single glass company around does frameless or it’s not polished nickel finish. Any ideas on where to look? Or any companies in the southeast that do this? Thanks

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