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Climate Change Endangers First World Cravings

last month

NOW will we do something about it? Huh? Huh? Will First World problems spark reforms?

Diminishing cocoa crops in West Africa are only beginning to punish us chocolate lovers. Droughts, fires, floods -- all are driving more poor farmers out of growing cocoa.

Producers of chocolate candy are searching for ways to compensate. Even the cheaper brands are looking for ways to remain profitable: using less cocoa, substituting artificial flavors; adding fillings, fruit or nuts; shrinking product size. In the US, you only need 10% cocoa to claim your product is 'chocolate'. (That explains some strange tasting cheaper US brands of candy and baking chocolate.)

There are already price increases, but these will seem minimal in a few months. I've just paid $3 for a Ghirardelli 4.8 ounce sea salt caramel chocolate bar and more for one of Lindt's 5.3 ounce 'Classic Recipe' bars. I'm calculating the prices per ounce! I scour drug and grocery store ads for discounts!

Ah, but is there any way to preserve a stockpile?

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