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Suggestions on exterior home makeover

last month
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We got this '60s home two years ago and was able to update the interior to our delight with blue - white - yellow color schemes. Need help on design idea for the exterior...

Right now, we are not a fan of the blue or the siding, but perhaps a fresh coat of paint might help - what color might work best for the exteriors. We updated the soffit/eaves to black as it looked good on other houses we've seen.

The wall with the two windows is the main street facing wall, so will like to make into an accent wall - will like suggestion on different siding or color? Not sure what to make of it.

The other area is the dated stone - how to 'modernize' it. We put in the deck with the white railing last Fall - seem to help, but the stone, not a fan.

On a side note, we took out the front lawn last Fall and looking to make into a pollinator garden or mix of stone/artificial turn - totally done with watering grasses or lawn mowing.

Appreciate your thoughts on this.

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