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Tree ID - growing in NY

last month

Hi all! I see this tree sometimes when I go for a walk and there's something about it that makes me really like it. It's growing in Z5 CNY. We've had some serious wind storms recently and there were many small branches down, so I picked up a couple to stick in water. I'm assuming they'll sprout and help with an ID. I find the texture interesting... the bark and branches are silky smooth and supple near the ends, but a little further back on the branches and the bark is peeling. Photos I got:

I like the "curly" branches!

Ignore the green stuff in the foreground -- this was my view of the tree trunk and the bark without seeming like a creep going into someone else's yard to photograph their tree. lol!

Here are the end portions of a small branch that was down. Can anyone identify the tree from these photos?

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