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Nandina in zone 6b

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

How well do the sterile nandina cultivars (obsession, blush pink, flirt, etc) do in 6b? (Northeast Ohio)

I'm reading nandina start to drop leaves at about 10 degrees. Is this true? Normally doesn't get that cold til February-ish, and doesn't stay that cold long.... so I could expect the nandina to keep its leaves about 10 months of the year? Maybe more if the winter is mild?

Also, if I decide to get some, should I choose one thats supposed to get larger than I actually want it to be? As in, obsession, which is supposed to be 3-4 feet, may get more like 2-3 feet in this climate? Maybe I should stay away from flirt? Any variety that's recommended?

Please let me know your experience! thanks!

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