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Help! My landscaping is non-existent/horrible/part dead/weed infested!

2 months ago

Hi everyone! I am in dire need of landscape help. To give a little background, I live in north Texas and have been in the house about 5 months. I removed extremely overgrown bushes on the left side of my home (in front of the window), in hopes of planting something more aesthetically pleasing this spring. Now that spring is here, I have a slew of questions that I need advice on. See below:


1. Can someone recommend trees/landscaping in front of the window? I was thinking two skinny, vertical plants on either side of the window (maybe blue arrow juniper) and some kind of shrubs in the middle. Can anyone recommend other options or what they think would look good?

2. Would you remove the monkey grass hedging around the perimeter?

3. Would you remove the crepe myrtle in the middle?

4. Would you remove the boxwood hedging on the right side in front of the sunroom?

5. Does anyone know WHY there are perfect semicircles of dead grass around my lawn? lol. We do not drive on it.

6. It appears I have numerous types of grass in my lawn including st. augustine, bermuda, fescue, weeds, and winter rye. I don't even know what to do or where to start on this? Should I just till the bald spots and put down st. augustine sod? I tried laying rye seed in the winter and it did not grow in those areas, but took over everywhere else. It seems to be a soil issue.

I feel extremely overwhelmed when it comes to landscaping. This is my first house and I've never had to do yard work or plan a garden and am very lost! would GREATLY appreciate any and all feedback help me get my curb appeal back! Thanks in advance to everyone who responds!

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