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Vague question for plant folks

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I don’t know how better, or who better, to ask. Like my last dog, my current dog comes in from roaming the back yard with a pronounced floral scent. Not a good floral scent. I've noticed it all Winter, and nothing is in bloom. I haven't noticed anyrhing with this scent while gardening. My plant knowledge is next to zilch, which doesn't help matters. I've got a bunch of evergreens, some huge old trees have needles and may be cedar, skip laurels, and a row of really tall, skinny things with leaves (?) similar to arborvitie. various ornamental grasses and vines, some rhodies, and various other scraggly shrubs. So my list may or may not be helpful, but I’m hoping ”unpleasant floral smell” triggers a thought for something that may geow here on Long Island.

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