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over stock of clearance

I dont go out shopping for much of anything anymore, at all, but just had to get out of the house on this rainy day and go somewhere. So I went to Kohls.

I was shocked at how much leftover winter inventory they have on clearance! America must be saturatred with excess clothing and maybe arent buying, or they make too darned much of it, or maybe the winters have become some much more shorter and , overall , milder. I know that I had no reason to add anything to my winter garb.

I tried on about half a dozen tops and walked out with just a sleeping tshirt for two bucks. So much of what is there is such trash! Not just Kohls, but all of them. I actually like Kohls and if I do buy something it is likely to be from Kohls. How many time I have been in the store and the employees way out number the shoppers! I noticed that the seasonal displays are not very full, so maybe they are pulling back on inventory maybe? I see that Macys is dwindling further and most of them will be gone soon. There are very few places to go out and shop and browse anymore. Our malls have shut down and taken the anchor stores with them, or the other way around. I saw an article this morning in the business news about the demise of the department store model. Things do change, but what comes next? I miss a place to mingle with others. Those were the downtowns and then the malls but now it is online groups and social media and waiting for Amazon to deliver. I feel so lonely and isolated . Our village has gone.

But I was quite shocked to see how many clothes were still left to be cleared out! Most of it I would not have. All of that stuff ends up in the landfills. It is almost unbelievable that we have so much waste!

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