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Customer Service Done Wrong

last month

Vent, feel free to ignore.

So when we replaced our countertops, the countertop guy said we needed to get someone to disconnect the (dual fuel) stove. It's one of the Jennairs with a downdraft so that adds some complexity. It was in perfect working order; I used it to make dinner shortly after we closed.

The plumber disconnected it for us. The countertop guy pushed it back into place when he finished the counters. In so doing, he crushed the duct work. So then he had to send someone out to fix the duct.

When that was fixed, the plumber came back to turn on the stove. He smelled gas. Disconnected it again.

So then we called an appliance person. He believes the knobs on one side were damaged when it was moved, hence two burners on the same side are leaking. Replacement parts no longer available.

So I order a new stove. Countertop guy says he will pay a third, plumber should pay a third, and we pay a third. I think that is more than fair. However, I was there for all of this and I know the plumber did no damage and so I am not asking him to pay anything.

New stove delivered last night (at 8pm?!). White glove install. Except. They cannot really install it because the old stove was slightly smaller in the back (it tapered in almost imperceptibly).

Now the counterguy has to cut the counter back, which he will do.

But he won't touch the new stove. Will not move it back into position. Wants me to bring back the install guys (who, in fairness, from their POV "completed" the install already). And of course you can't mesh the schedules and of course I can see the counterguy thinking it is fine but until the range is in place, I am not agreeing that we are done. Catch-22.

This is about moving my stove about 2 feet. If the work you do is so intertwined, find your own vendors.

The countertop guys made a mistake, and everything else cascades from that and should be their responsibility. The only reason I didn't just say, "buy me a new range" is because the one we had, while functioning, was old and so we benefit by getting a new one. Fine. But this countertop guy is pi$$ing and moaning and frankly, I am the one who should be complaining! Five weeks since the install is 5 weeks w no range. And now I can't even get to the sink because the range is in the way in the middle of my K floor! Thank goodness it is just a pied a terre

I can't wait till it's all over and lambast this guy on social media. I think what bothers me most is his attitude.

Weird addendum, I have not paid him a penny. He never asked. I am guessing it is because he asks for a deposit when he sends the estimate, which is common. But do you know when I got an estimate, after bugging him for 2 months? The night before the countertop install. I had asked him several times for an estimate but it was crickets.

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