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Hosta Leaves 2023 .......

I have sunburn on my nose. I just looked in the mirror after 2 days outside and my nose shows promise. For me this looks like a normal spring. For some of you, you actually had warmer weather than I did here. My hostas are popping, and the daylilies are scaping and life is good.

I do a fashion show everyday now. It requires 3 outfits per day: cool, warm, warmest back to warm to cool again. The hosta also puts on a fashion show with leaves. Always changing always color full. Let's have a fashion show of leaves today:

I can stop and stare at some leaves just looking at their beauty. Neighbors probably think I am nuts.

Oh no here she goes again. Do you turn it over? Trust me.

I feel for Tim.

San Francisco vertigo.

Show me the leaves:

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