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Help, how many ceiling fans for ~ 18 by 23 foot great room

nlj 45231
last month

We are building a new house, and electrician is working on the lighting. Our great room is 23 feet 4 " by 19 feet 1 inch with a 10 foot ceiling. There will be an enteretainment center built along most of the long wall and the other side is open to the kitchen. The 6 foot 6" opening is our front door entry hallway. We are planning to use the area at the bottom of the picture as a "hallway". We will have recessed and floor lighting. How many ceiling fans, one or two? We are planning to center the fan(s) and lighting with the whole room (versus with the entertainment center wall). I will be back in the future regarding ideas for furniture as we are doing all new. Thanks in advance for ideas

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