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PLEASE HELP! Reglazed my sink, NEED protective pad / mat!

Nai Q
last month

Everything was spic and span when my sister lived here however, I cannot say it is the same with any other houseguest.

Understandably, reglazed products require consciousness, gentleness and daily upkeep.

Upon renting my space or lending it to friends I see scratches from pots, pans and plates. I need to eliminate this from happening again!

Originally, I was told to not place anything in the sink with suction cups (hence I placed nothing and my sister and I were cautious) however there is a dire need for a mat without suction cups or protective sink alternatives that are SAFE FOR REGLAZED ceramic or porcelain sinks! What material should they be?

Is there a product whose shape would allow me to cover the entire sink including the raised middle section?

Definitely not interested in adhesive options.

Please please help your expertise and experience is needed!

PS. Any links you provide will be helpful!

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