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Feel a little anxious right now

A crazy thing just happened. I was sitting watching TV when I saw a car slowed down in front of the house. I didn’t have the porch light on. Then the car turned into the driveway. Heard a car door shut, so I got up and turned on the porch light. Here comes a sheriff deputy to the door. I opened the door and asked him if something happened. I was worried.

He said “That’s what I here to find out”. Then he said they got a 911 call that came from this address, the call was full of static, hard to understand. So when that happens they always send someone to check it out. He asked if I knew of any calls, I said I had gotten one on my cell that was labeled “Skam Likely”, so I deleted it. But I haven’t made any calls.

Then he explained again that he was obligated to follow up on the 911 call to make sure I was alright. He asked for my Social Security number. I hesitated, looked him up and down to make sure I was seeing a real deputy sheriff. LOL Then he said a driver’s license would do, so I got that out for him, not my social.

I wonder if someone was spoofing my phone number or playing a prank? It wouldn’t be the first time someone used my phone number. I’ve had people call me all mad because I called them, have to tell them I never made the call. Sure hope a person isn’t in trouble and just gave my address by mistake. Maybe the neighbor?? I wasn’t thinking, maybe I should have told the deputy to check out the next house down from me.

You know, I feel a little scared right now.

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