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help me choose an induction range, please!

Daina L
last month

Hi all,

I'm struggling to choose an induction range. I'm looking at this LG, this GE Profile, this Cafe, and this Bosch. There seem to be very minimal differences. Any suggestions, thoughts, or firsthand experience with these? I have researched and researched and just have not been able to make a final decision. There's also another LG out there now for $1900 which seems to be virtually the same as the pricier one but without the tap oven door to turn on the light feature.

Some people swear by the Bosch, but I've also heard a lot of negative stories. We have a Bosch dishwasher which has had 4 service calls this year (year 4 of its life), so I'm wary of Bosch at this point.

I am replacing an old electric range with a somewhat broken burner, so my connection/amps/etc. is fine for induction. I'm not sure if I want knobs or touch panel; I lean toward knobs, but I have a toddler, so there needs to be some kind of child lock or I'll have to add something (she can already open zippers, diaper cream, ziplocs, and even a child proof capped bottle). I will definitely get an extended warranty.

I haven't been able to see ANY of these in person which is super frustrating. So if you have any one of them and could provide a real life photo, I'd appreciate that too.

Thanks for any advice you can provide!

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