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living room design

4 months ago

I am hoping to get some advice to make this living room feel cozier. It has been a challenge since the windows and built in bookshelves take all the wall space. I don’t like the tv over the fireplace since it is too high. Since we don’t use the fireplace, I put the piano on that side of the room. Something about it just doesn’t feel and look right. I’m thinking of taking out the built in cabinets by the fireplace and sheet rocking over the window on the wall by the tv. Does anyone have any other ideas on positioning furniture to make this better?
The room is entered from the foyer and the master bedroom is accessed near the piano. The room is 16 feet wide and 24.5 feet long. The piano is 5 feet wide and 5’9” long. Sofa is 7x10 feet sectional. Chairs are 3x3’ each.
I appreciate any advice! It has been something I’ve worked on for 8 years now!

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