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voice your support for a NJ Invasive plant ban?

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Many people interested in supporting native plants and avoiding the sale of invasives at garden centers have long wished for there to be a law in NJ. I received an email from the Native Plant Society of New Jersey saying New Jersey Bill A3677/S2186 finally made it through with bipartisan support through the state Senate.

The telephone # they give as voice/text is text only. The voice # is (609) 292-6000. I've put the section with contact information in italics and bold. Other than that, It's a cut/pasted from the email they sent out:

Bill to Ban Invasives – Finally on the Governor’s Desk

For the last two years, we have been working to pass New Jersey Bill A3677/S2186. This bill aims to prohibit the sale, distribution, or propagation of certain invasive plant species and establishes the NJ Invasive Species Council. It's a crucial step toward controlling invasive species and protecting our native plant ecosystems. In the spring of 2022, we pushed to move this bill forward when few had faith in it. In December 2022, our committee co-chair Laura Bush testified about it before the NJ Senate Environment and Energy Committee and again before the Assembly Agriculture and Food Security Committee in May 2023. The bill finally passed both houses with unanimous support last week and now we are delighted to announce that it is on Governor Murphy’s desk. Even though this bill had bipartisan support in both houses, this does not mean the governor is certain to sign it. Please reach out to the governor via the governor’s website ( or telephone (1-732-605-5455, voice or text) and encourage him to sign it. Letters are usually better, but there is no time!

Thanks in advance to anyone who lends their support to this.



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