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Buffet vs Table size

allan damian
2 months ago

Is there a rule for the Buffet size/ length vs the size/ length of the dining table?

I am working with an online designer and we are having a 'discussion' about what 'should be' here and there.

I have a 77 inch table in my dining area and it can extend to 101 inches. I do have chairs for only the unextended length, and that will be the 'default' configuration.

The wall where the buffet is going to be at is about 157 inches, and the length of the table is roughly 'centered' along this length.

My original vision was to completely fill that length with all sorts of furniture - a buffet, a coffee corner/ sideboard, and finally a bar cart. I know it is a lot, but I have a tiny kitchen and I do need all that cabinet storage, especially for my small electrics that do not fit in the kitchen area.

Anyway, the designer from online, and I do think she is quite talented upon seeing her portfolio, has been saying that it would be best to select a buffet that is only 70 inches in length, no more. That is to 'balance' with the size of the table, as per 'design rules.' Leftover space one either side of the buffet will just have a potted plant. I currently have an old buffet on there that is 66 inches and it looks puny.

So, what about my space problem? Or maybe I should abandon the idea of buying a buffet and instead have a built-in made for the entire length?

We have had this gentle tug of war three times in the past three weeks now.

I don't want this to be a rant. Rather this is a question... would I be such a criminal for insisting on a buffet that is much longer than my dining table?

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