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Flooring frustration

2 months ago

I'm about to return some flooring to Home Depot. After buying and getting for free multiple (a dozen or more) different samples from various places for laminate and LVP flooring I finally decided to probably go with Pergo after seeing the sample they sent and seeing how thick and well made it seemed. It wasn't the color I wanted but I thought it would stand up to Chewie's nails and moving furniture around, etc...

So, I bought a box of it. Out of the entire box there are only 2 pieces that aren't damaged. the locking mechanisms were all damaged on the other pieces. Pieces aren't in the box so I'm assuming they were loaded into the box that way? They're also not nearly as thick as the sample. Very misleading.

So, now I have no idea what I'm going to put down in my house.

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