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Floor frustrations-how to clean up these old hardwoods?

10 years ago

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We've taken a floor sander with 20-grit paper to a couple floors, and we're not getting the results we hoped yet.

Kitchen floor: I steamed off 2 layers of linoleum and adhesive. After sanding, there are some areas of discoloration that aren't coming out with tons of sanding, including hand sanding with an orbital sander.

Bedroom floor: Under carpet, this was the original hardwood in decent shape. But sanding gums up the 20-grit paper without taking it off. Other stuff (residual paint, adhesive) is coming off, but the sandpaper quickly gums up.

Any tips for getting either of these off? We're thinking we might need to rent a drum sander, though it's labor day weekend and the local rental places are closed, so that throws a wrench in things.

The plan is to put a Bona Sealer over the bare floors and then Bona Traffic poly.

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