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Luxury Vinyl Plank WPC vs SPC, Paradigm SPC or Cortec WPC?

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I have three dogs, two are elderly and sometimes have accidents. I love the look of wood but think LVP is a better choice for us. I have exhausted my search for flooring and am more confused now than before I started. I know I want high definition, embossed imaging.

Some stores push WPC core saying the SPC core joints break easily during install. The Paradigm Conquest SPC is 8mm total, 6.5mm core. The product is beautiful, but I looked online and its like it the flooring doesnt exist. I found ONE post on Houzz with several claims that their floors came up one year after install. Paradigms website doesnt even have a contact number. A salesperson said that Paradigm has a 5G locking system which is the best one available. She claims it takes a skilled installer and is way better than competitors.

I also looked into Coretec. I was told by another sales person some major stores are pulling the coretec SPC Pro products because there joints are breaking. Apparantly the claim is that Cortec Pro SPC is too thin. One store said they have pulled all their SPC off the floor due to numerous claims. Due to this I started looking at the Cortec Grande WPC line of products. When I got the samples of Cortec Grande home I was able to easily scratch it with keys. Back to square one.

I'm not doing the install myself and want the most realistic look I can find. If you are an installer or in the flooring business what are your thoughts on WPC and SPC when looking at floors over 6mm? If ignoring budget, which specific lines within a brand have been reliably good choices (dont come up at the joint, dent, or are easily scratched)?

If you have had SPC or WPC flooring in place for over a year, which brand line and what was your experience?

Thank you to anyone sharing their knowledge !

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