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Gopher finial for the first Minnesota flag

Jalisco Pine
4 months ago

I was wondering if anyone knew of the gopher finials produced prior to 1957 for the Minnesota state flag. The 1893 flag showcased these gopher finials, but today they are extremely rare and I have not been able to successfully find any online. I am looking for one to accommodate a reconstructed version of the 1893 Minnesota state flag for my room. Any ideas?

Currently, I have only found one website,FOTW (Flags of The World), that has somewhat relevant information on this topic. In addition to this, I have also seen other sources, including the postcard below (directly below), that showcase the finial in minimal detail. The other is a flag variation (below the postcard) designed by Amelia Hyde Center, the main designer of the flag, with the gopher finial. Aside from these two, the gopher finial is a true mystery for me...

The Minnesota postcard; ca. 1930s.

The Amelia Hyde Center design; note that it is a painting, and the gopher finial on the top left.

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