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help with primary bathroom layout

2 months ago

Hello. I need help. Not happy with the primary bathroom layout we have so far. I don’t like the long walk from my side of the bed to the water closet and not loving the corner vanity (my hubby and I are big people we will be bumping elbows!).

I was thinking of splitting the vanities and putting a door from the primary bedroom between them (removin the linen closet there). But then will the bathtub be too close to the vanity? I think it would be only 24” from the vanity. Plus maybe I can now put a makeup station in the corner where the linen closet was.

Another option. Is to then turn the bathtub 90 degrees to face the window but then I lose the 36” entrance into the shower that I want to keep incase a wheelchair is in my future. We could move the water closet down into the walk in closet to make enough space for the shower entrance then.

I want to keep the bathtub and shower on the window wall because we have a lake view. Any suggestions as to how to make this space functional? Am I a fool to think moving the water closet down into the wall in closet will help and I won’t notice the space lost for the closet? Where would the linen closet now go?

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