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Does your LVP flooring show footprints?!

2 months ago

Do your LVP floors easily show footprints & smudges? Or are they easy to keep clean? please share your experiences & what brand you have!

Background: I moved into a house with dark, wood-look, high-gloss laminate floors in the kitchen, dining room & hallway. They would look beautiful if no one ever walked on them. But with four people & three pets living here, that’s obviously not the case. They show everything - every footprint, paw print, smudge, etc. I have tried all the recommended cleaners to no avail. I put so much time & effort into these floors & they never look good!

I’ve decided they need to be replaced for the sake of my sanity. I was about to purchase either Cali or Stanton LVP but then i read about people having the same issue with LVP

If you have had a good experience with LVP, or bad, please let me know!!

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