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Should I cut off this root?

5 months ago

This is a ‘Crimson Queen’ Acer Palmatum Japanese Maple. It’s been in ground since @ 2015 or so & was a B& B 3’ tree when purchased. We planted it so I know all twine cut away & roots spread. This was a problem spot as too wet & clay soil. DH dug a french drain type of thing to China so there’s no standing water underground. The root I’m showing you has been there awhile but I just focused on it this afternoon. I realized it’s not rooted or touching the ground close to the tree as other similar very large roots are doing. I can easily place my fingers under the root most of the distance from tree to pipe. My question is - should I lop it off at point it surfaces close to tree? It goes underground close to a large landscape boulder & a spigot that’s connected to our inground irrigation system. I have no idea what caused damage to bark around the root.

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