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How to catch my cat, escaped formerly feral kitty

So my kitty escaped the house. She was born feral, and then adopted, becoming an indoor kitty. I'm her third servant. She's about 6 years old, I've had her a little over a year. It took her a long time to feel relaxed, but after several months she was finally settled in. Still though she's afraid of people she doesn't know and especially afraid of men.

She seemed content to be an indoor kitty. She didn't run to the door every time it was opened. I came in the back door with my hands full and didn't close the door behind me. She walked out. When I realized she was outside I went out to look for her and saw her run down the street. An hour later she was back, so I thought, ok, she knows where we live. I left the door open so she could walk in easily for her dinner. And I haven't seen her since.

I made flyers and passed them out to my neighbors, posted them on light poles at the corners, delivered them to the neighbors I wasnt able to talk to.

She has been spotted 3 times, one block away. When they call to tell me they saw her, I go there immediately, but she's always gone when I arrive. I believe she's stuck at the end on the next block, not knowing where we live. But she seems to be surviving just fine. It's been almost 3 weeks!

I borrowed a trap, no success. I walk around the block she's on, at dawn, at sunset, and late at night, calling her softly. I wear pj's that I've slept in, supposedly she could smell me? No luck with it. I put the trap in the yard of a house she's been seen at the most. Somehow kitty has discerned that woman is a cat lady. On her suggestion I brought the cat box over and left it in her yard along with the trap. So far we've caught 2 baby possums, or maybe the same one twice. She is chipped, so if anyone gets her and takes her to animal control or a vet they can get my contact info.

I don't know what else to do. She's shy, she runs from people. Even if I saw her she wouldn't let me pick her up. She sleeps in my lap, and next to me in bed, but doesn't tolerate being picked up. I hate the idea of just letting her be an outdoor cat. Winter is coming. But I don't know how to get her home.

Ideas welcome.

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