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Need some curb appeal. How would you upgrade the facade?

Virginia Lines
2 months ago
last modified: last month

Hey there, all. Im editing to delete most text bc after posting photo, descriptiong isn't needed.

It's a 1954 cottage-sized home in S Fla. The door is raspberry but may be replaced with a wood or wood-toned door.

My front, street-facing windows have hurricane glass, so though Bahama shutters would be cute, it would be wasteful to get them. Dark inside too. This is a north facing side.

Landscape i will attend to. Any ideas for how to improve the looks of the windows, especially and any other ideas for the house? I appreciate your thoughts.

P.S. As you see, the windows are different heights. That does bother me a bit. Overcast day, so not the best photo.

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