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Kitchen cabinets: Brookhaven vs DuraSupreme vs harmoni

2 months ago

Hi. We are finally parting with our 30 yo Brookhaven kitchen cabinets and will replace them with one of the above brands, all of which can provide the doors in the stain (on maple) that we like. Does anyone have any experience with Brookhaven post the Wood Mode 2019 bankruptcy? One cabinet supplier (at a very respected store) has said BH is up and running, but has a 12 week lead time, which worries me in case things go wrong and we need to replace any door fronts. I don't know DuraSupreme, which evidently has a 6 week turnaround, and which the supplier likes a lot. Our contractor tells us that harmoni is top of the line, equivalent to Wood Mode, but I haven't seen any thoughts here except for an issue with painted, not stained, door color, which wasn't reassuring. Interestingly, the harmoni priced out at 1/3 more than the other two. Many thanks for any insights!

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