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Buying a new car, what are all the fees tacked on to the price??

3 months ago

Looking to buy a 2023 Honda CRV. Dealer offered the price I would accept. He didn't mention the fees.

Asked for a print out of the specs and told him I would get in touch tomorrow as I wanted to do more research on the car. He gave me a hard sell. I left with the print out.

Selling price: $32,670

Leather: $1,800.00

Total purchase: $34,470.00

Taxable Fees (Estimated): $395.00

Predelivery Service Charge: $1,198.00

Tax: $2,213.78

Non Tax Fees: $208.75

Balance: $38,485.53

I wanted leather seats instead of cloth so I'm okay with that charge. But Predelivery Service charge, and 'Non Tax Fees.?'

Do these additional fees look legit?

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