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Apricot tree help

Kaylee Jordan
5 months ago

I have apricot tree seeds that have gone thur the time in the fridge and had barely a root at the tip of the seeds. they are planted in cow pots in good quilty potting soil. my question i have is how long will it b before i actully see something pop up out of the cow pots they r planted in? i also have a bareroot apricot tree that looks like it never came out of dormacy and never put on any new buds to make leafs any tips for the bareroot apricot tree as well? I have been watering them every other day excpt for when it rains. and i bring them inside at night time. it was ether the end of may or early june when the apricot seeds had the tiny roots. I'm reffering to the apricot seedlings that i bring in at night not the bareroot apriocot tree. any info u can give me about apricot trees period would b much helpful. i did buy apricot varitey that i knew would do well in texas.

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