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Help with container apple/apricot trees

9 years ago

My daughter and I recently purchased dwarf apple (golden delicious) and dwarf apricot (robada) bare root trees. It was something we wanted to do together, even though neither of us have any recent experience with planting trees.

We transferred them into 20 gallon smart pots 2 months ago. Soil was a mixture of pine bark mulch, peat moss, and perlite. I've been watering about once a week. They seemed to be thriving until 4-5 days ago, when some of the leaves started to curl. I thought it was too little water so watered again yesterday and it looks worse today. I've included pictures to show what I'm describing.

I'm a novice at this and have done a lot of reading and can't determine if this is a case of overwatering, underwatering, not enough fertilizer, etc. Help!

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