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Giving up on milkweed in the perennial border

mxk3 z5b_MI
8 months ago

Specifically, swamp milkweed. For now, anyway. Is discouraging, swamp milkweed is one of my favorite perennials - love the flowers and the form, but the last few years they've been a mess. I'm fairly certain it's the milkweed weevils because (a) I sluggo-d the cr*p out of the ground below and didn't see any evidence of slugs or slug damage anywhere in surrounding areas, and (b) I found two weevils (the buggers aren't easy to find...). I've been buying replacement plants every year when the nice stock comes in around June, but there's just no point anymore -- those plants, too, get damaged, if not that year then the following year.

I took out three big clumps last week and replaced with completely different plants. I have one remaining clump that seems to be holding it's own so left that one for now, will keep an eye on it. There's lots of common milkweed in my area, even some errant stems that pop up in my front shrub border that I just leave, so the monarchs should be able to find somewhere to lay eggs.

I picked up a packet of seeds, I'll sow those over the winter to set out seedlings back in the pasture next spring, whatever happens to them happens to them, it won't be an eyesore like it is up by the house.

BTW: I tried the boll weevil traps, since there have been reports they work for the milkweed weevils, too. Put out three. Caught one - ONE - weevil. Sigh...

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