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Need Help With Perennial Border

17 years ago

Hi Everyone - I posted this on the landscape forum but I would like some input from you this forum too if you can...

I have a perennial border that runs across the back of my house. I never spent the time designing this border - I've basically just plopped plants here and there for a couple of years. It's been my holding spot so now I have just a "mish-mash" of plants lined up against my house and deck and there's no focal point. I'd like some ideas on how to make something from what I have. I'm willing to add or remove anything. Actually, I'm even willing to start over.

My main interest here is to add some evergreens but I have no idea what would be good since it's a small space. I do plan to widen the border to 6 ft. and to add some curves into the design. I'm thinking of extending out and curving the border at the corners (with the corners being around 8 ft. deep).

I'm in zone 5. The border is south facing. However the right most side of the border gets shade in the morning because of trees that are across from the house. So this side tends to not do so hot with full sun plants - Part sun to mostly sunny plants usually work. During the Fall the border running across the house is is definitely part sun because of the tree shading. I have clay soil so I do alot of amending.

The picture I have here is the closest thing I have to what it looks like now.

Currently the border running against the deck is about 9 ft long. It starts out at approx 2ft wide (left most side of the deck) and curves into about 4ft wide at the point where the deck meets the house. On the Left most side of the deck there's a set of stairs and then another border that is about 4ft long and then curves around to the west side of my house. In this 4ft section on the side of the stairs I have a rose bush as a focal point (this can be changed).

The border against the house is approx 14 ft long and 4 ft wide.

I have the following plants - not all are currently in this border.

Variegated Hydrangea (1)- I like this for it's foliage. I bought it last year and it was about 2 ft tall when I bought it.

Snowbank Boltania (2)

Aster Alma Potschke (1) - I'm not crazy about this plant since I have to remember to prune to keep it from getting floppy.

Jacobs Ladder - blue(3)

Hosta (5 - various colors - average size is 12in. x 12in.)

Nepta Walkers Low (1)

Gaillardia Goblin (3)

Campanula Glomerata "Joan Elliot" (1)

Campanula Blue Clips (3)

Veronica Sunny Border (1)

Mum Yellow (2) - these get leggy looking so maybe I should remove them.

Mum  Red (2)- these get leggy too

Mum Grandchild - pink/lavender color (2)

Pearly Everlasting/Anaphalis margaritacea (2)

Coreopsis Verticillata (1)

Coreposis Moonbeam (1)

Creeping Phlox (I have many but I have 2 in the border currently)

Coneflower White (1)

Coneflower purpurea (1)

Phlox David (3)

Obedient Plant - Pink (2)

Rudbeckia (2)

Heuchera Autumn Bride (2)

Yarrow Coronation Gold (1)

Sedum Autumn Joy (2)

Russian Sage (1)

Clematis (4 that grow up my deck railing)

Butterfly Bush (I don't know what kind - the blooms are pink - it's only 2 years old so it's still pretty small. My daughter got it from her preschool teacher so I'd like to keep this in the design if you think it fits).

I also have a weeping pussy willow that might work here.

{{gwi:8471}} [/IMG]

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