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SiruusXM users?

3 months ago

I just got a notice in the mail from them that I have an automatic 3 month subscription for free and can extend it another 3 months for $2.11. The first 3 months ends just before a long driving trip I've planned in the Fall so am considering getting it extended. We'll be driving about half the time in remote/mountainous areas so not sure it will work? I know it's satelite radio but I don't know if it works well in those type of areas.

My daughter did add me to her Spotify and was going to start making a playlist soon and downloading it to my phone, but thought it may be nice to have something else for the trip.

Wondering if anyone here has this service and how you like it? I don't drive much anymore, day-to-day since retiring, so will probably be just a six month thing for me.

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