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Grow morning glories?

Jeff Trujillo
6 months ago

I have tried for a few years to grow some morning glories over an arbor in my front yard. Evweuthing i have read says that they are incredibly easy to grow, but i have had the opposite experience. In April i started some seeds in peet pods. They sprouted right away and grew to about 6 inches high. When we were past our last freeze I planted the pods on each side of my arbor. They all died within a few days. I tried starting seeds again by nicking them and soaking them overnight and water. The seeds sprouted, so I Took them outside in the morning and planted them next to the arbor. Nothing ever happened. I started more seeds inside, this time by wrapping them in a wet paper towel and putting them in a plastic bag on the windowsill. The seeds sprouted, and I let them sit in the plastic bag for a few days, so that the sprouts grew to be about 1 inch long. The next morning I took them outside to plant next to the arbor. Nothing ever happened. Why do all of my attempts at growing morning glories continue to fail?

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