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Lots of garden issues

I hand pick bugs several times a day, every day, 7 days a week. I spray sevin. I use DE and organic stuff like thuricide. I am very diligent. Every year I have massive nonstop issues. This year about half of what I plant gets annihilated within the first 24 hours. Bugs eat stuff to the point most never survives or is set back weeks. I get all kinds of funguses, diseases etc. I rotate crops and use fungicides.

Each year it is getting worse. Never had an issue with dill, it looked dry recently but we had little rain so I figured that was it. Got worse and when I looked close I have tons of tiny aphids, maybe the same stuff that went nuts on my asparagus last year.

Nothing works and I work for hours a day. I am getting really frustrated, I take a lot of pride and work very very very hard. I have raised beds and created proper soil from the start.

Leaves have burnt edges all over. Potatoes came up stunted and shriveled looking with yellow edged leaves (new one on me). Items that got nibbled to death in the first 24 hours, often with sevin on them! Beets, corn, edamame, okra, cuc, zucs, squash, sunflowers, okra, leeks (a few), beans.

About the only thing that does ok is garlic, transplanted peppers (still get squash bugs, slugs, burnt leaves, sudden deaths, slow growth etc), transplanted tomatoes (all die from dieses that work there way up after about a month despite trimming, chemicals etc) and potatoes do ok.

I do not water the right amount. I use sluggo every 2 weeks, and sevin, and DE and slug traps - I still have a huge problem.

I planted 4-5 of things like squash, cucs and zucs to try to "spread out the food" for bugs but they still get destroyed in a day. I spray sevin a couple days before they emerge and when they emerge, does not help.

Apple scab, spotty mildew, plum tree died, cutworms, caterpillars, squash bugs, aphids, asparagus beetles, squash vine borers (I usually minimize this by handpick several times a day), slugs, snails, ants (yes ants have eaten things in a day). Mice (lots of traps out). Something is laying eggs and larva are now in my blackberries. Apple worms.

Despite daily work on cucs, zucs & squash they never make it until August from disease/fungus. Peppers last to winter but tomatoes also die off leaves brown and fall off starting at bottom and it gets worse fast. This year tons of leaves with burnt edges - peppers, tomatoes, cucs, squash, zucs. Things are getting worse fast - every year is worse.

I do not understand - I doubt people with gardens twice the size of mine ever spend as much time in a week as I spend in a day working in things. Everything is fertilized correctly. My garden is about 100' x 20' counting walkways.

I am surrounded on 3 sides by dense woods, maybe that is it?

My big issue with new stuff getting hit hard is at night or whatever it is cannot easily be seen with the naked eye. Some are cutworms and some are not tiny bites but most are so tiny they scrape a nearly imperceivable bite - on a leaf with fresh sevin on it.

Someone here mentioned something about "washing" the soil with a mixture of something at the end of the year? I might try that.

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