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Concrete walkway dried too fast in heat, what now?

4 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Last week we had our concrete walkway poured. It was very hot outside and the concrete dried before the contractor was able to do the top brush strokes. My husband says that a retardant was added to the concrete and that the contractor watered the concrete all day as it was being applied. Next day they made cuts. Tolhis week they will be grinding the walkway down a bit and applying a top layer of concrete with adhesive in it. Is this the correct remedy to the situation? I am concerned that this top layer will end up cracking and have also been reading that concrete that dried too fast is not going to be very strong. I have not seen what the walkway looks like and my husband says that it just looks unfinished. Should we be asking the company to pull everything out and do it over? It is a rarther long walkway so it would be a lot of concrete to remove.

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