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Purple Milkweed Bloomed First Time!

gawdinfever Z6
3 months ago

I knew it was going to, but I went into hospital. Came home to find it blooming! What a welcome home for me!

I sowed these 1/24/21 and planted out in Spring. Had a really hard time getting them established because of rabbits and my not being home to protect them/cover them.

I have two other plants that are doing okay. One is bushy, but only about 14" tall. The other is only about 4-5" tall to date. I have one I 'think' is the same thing, but rabbits keep getting to it. Going to cover today. Planted them in different areas in hopes I would get at least one. I would love to have a huge stand of these in my butterfly garden area that is a work in progress. Pretty slow going as I seem to be sick all the time and have absolutely no energy.

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