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What to do in front garden

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Our house construction is coming to an end and we are deciding what to do with the outside. In the backyard we are going to put grass and not sure what to do about the front. I would prefer to not have grass at the front because dont want to worry about having to water and cut it. I dont have a very good photo of the front of our property but it is a corner lot with two very large trees on the corner. Im thinking of planting a bunch coniferous bushes all around the front yard and covering the ground with gravel or mulch. Would that look ok? Our house is white and not sure if white gravel would be too much white. Would black mulch look better? Is my idea going to backfire and will i end up with more work?

Edit: Added more photos of the front yard. Photo with big trees is east side of property. overhead photo with bin is the south east corner. Photo of bunch of dirt is south corner and the bushes at the end

near the sidewalk will come out. We are located i souther Ontario. I believe we ahve a lot of clay on the ground.

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