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What kind of pepper plants are these?

I usually grow habaneros and scorpions, but my greenhouse had a major malfunction and none of my seeds grew :-( So my buddy gave me a bunch of his excess.

He didn't mark, though!! He said that he thinks these are Scotch Bonnets, Carolina Reapers, and Thai Peppers. But he's not positive, and has no idea which is which :-/

I tried to sort them to groups that I think are the same for these pics.

These are currently 8-12" tall:

Then these are about a little taller than the first, and the leaves are lighter in color:

And these are currently the tallest:

This is important to me to figure out before planting because I'm going to have to plant them along with flowers, and need to plan the best way for them to get the most sun.

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