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Help! Looking for light Bona stain to blend black streaks on red oak

Jacki Levine
4 months ago

We had a kitchen leak in our (new to us) open plan condo, necessitating redoing all our very reddish Bruce red oak engineered floors and adding new pieces. Of course they no longer make that particular wood. I was happy for the chance to take the floors lighter, but apparently not an option because after sanding, we discovered a great deal of the wood has black streaks. So the wonderful floor refinisher is changing out as much wood as possible, but tells us we need to forget Bona Natural sealer for the floors and pick a darker shade that will blend the black wood in better. So my question is can anyone recommend the lightest brown Bona water-based stain or mix possible that will help blend the black streaks but still be on the lighter side? Thanks so much for any suggestions. I think those of us with red oak floors should start a support group!

Our floors before and after they were sanded:

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