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Heat pump quotes

quiteactually .
6 months ago

Hey folks, we purchased this 2485 square foot home in September, 2022 in Clinton, MA, Northern Worcester county. It's a 4/3/3, with a ducted natural gas furnace, and four ton, 10 Seer Amana A/C unit. There is an 8.4 KW South-facing solar system, that currently meets our electrical demands.

We had MAss Save out last Fall, insualting the attic, and sealing gaps, etc, bringing the 2x6 constructed home up to R-60 in the attic spaces. The windows are Anderson tilt wash 200 series.

It was a fairly mild Winter, with just two days dipping into negative numbers, so far we have spent $1000 heating this home.

I have been getting quotes to install an air source heat pump, retaining the NG furnace, for backup.

Quote #4: Lennox EL18XPV 48,000, CX35C48 $17,846

Quote #3: Bryant Evolution 4 Ton 24 seer, Bryant Evolution 97% AFUE 80,000 btu condensing gas furnace, 5 ton evaporator coil. $22,233.29

Bosch Bova 2.0 4.0 ton Heat pump, Bosch 4.0 Ton Evap coil $19091.29.

Quoute 2: Bosch 2.0 Bosch 5 ton Air handler, Bosch 10KW electric heat kit, 2 Ecobee thermostats, $17,000. This removes the gas furnace.

Quote 1: The only contractor to perform the manual J, Bosch Bova 2.0, Bosch 5.0 Ton air handler, Ecobee stats, Flair puck pro 20,925.

LG 42,000 BTU single zone, 2 Tone ZLG split for bonus room above garage, premium wired controller, heat strip $33,794. This removes the gas furnace.

There are significant rebates from Mass Save, which all of the contractors are aware of, and are working into their quotes.

According to some popular HVAC sites, the average cost for the Bosch 2.0 is $11,300 installed, the Bryant $14,400 installed, and the Lennox, which has horrible reviews, is $9,800 installed.

I really need some guidance here. I know some of this equipment is pricey, however the parts/labor isn't broken out in any of these quotes.

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