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How often to wash guest bed linens when rarely used?

2 months ago

We are recent empty nesters. We now have 3 rooms that can be used as guest rooms during non-holiday times. I am a volunteer host for “safe homes for traveling military” but it’s only once in a while that a military traveler needs help in my location. I’m also a volunteer host for cancer patients being treated at our nearby medical center, but again, our guest rooms remain empty most of the time. I estimate they are occupied maybe 4-6 days over the course of 3 months or so.

My cleaning question is this. I dust, vacuum, and do general cleaning once a week in the unoccupied areas. But how often should I change the comforter covers and sheets in an unoccupied area? All the linens are clean, but if they stay there for six or eight weeks when nobody is coming to my house, does that mean that they get musty or stale? We have central AC, and I’ve never sniffed and thought they were musty. But should I wash them, maybe every 3-4 weeks or so even if they haven’t been used? The reason I’m asking is because I don’t want somebody to need to come to my home and the bedding is stale. The military people, my Sailor and Soldier included, won’t care bc it’s already an upgrade from their service experience, but I want to make sure the cancer patients to have the most clean, healthy environment.

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